Alain, I'm sorry (12" + CD)

by Nikki Louder

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released November 19, 2009




Nikki Louder Slovenia

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Track Name: Bond addict
i smell your scent from some past nights,
a thousand thoughts a day.
my left leg tapping ups and downs,
i'd like to see you inside of me

it's repulsive, so repulsive,
like opposing magnetic fields,
i admit - i know it,
but embrace it as a friend.

bond addict,
bond addict,
i hate the feeling.
Track Name: This town is a wolf
in this town, hearts are forgotten and always noticed to late,
when their glow's already gone and sunk in the abyss.
when their smell is spread through every, every pavement, road and street,
people just stop for a moment,
their bodies folded in rotten air,
their bones hurt like hell.
"i have no time, i have to go on", he leaves the stench and turns around,
but still he knows everything will fall, everything will fall into oblivion.
this is a town of dead ends,
this is a town where it stinks,
this is a town of young bodies,
this is our town- this is us!
this town is a wolf!
Track Name: A minnow in the web
the lonely are the brave,
when no one is around.
emprisoned in the ocean's vastness,
lays cheap freedom for naive.
gathered like on sunday's fair,
floating, not embracing,
gathered like on sunday's fair,
seeing, but not feeling.

the warmth of the days
is absent in you
and the distance between us
delays he emotions.
no flesh and blood,
just pictures and colors.

have you heard
the horses crying
in your airless space of egos?
no flesh and blood,
just pictures and colors.
Track Name: Honey, i'm ok
hey my baby,
well i'm ok,
i'm sick of your
one night stands.

hey my baby,
i'm going away,
i found a better
place to stay.

hey my honey,
well i'm ok,
don't ask me further
i'm going away.
Track Name: The air around
the air around our heads is heavy,
so heavy only spaceships glow.
Track Name: No disko (for you, silly dancers)
noise instrumental
Track Name: Mirrors, mirrors
there are mirrors in our bedrooms
and there are some even
where we wash ourselves.

some of them have frames
and some are even broken
but still they hang on everyone's wall

a guy once said
and he was right
"who needs enemies,
when we've got mirrors?"

he was right for sure.
Track Name: Sweet are the girls in beijing
the circles,
oh yes, the circles,
unite the eastern kingdom with our nightmares.

the bearded guys
and their gold watches,
feel free in thin young shelters.

the world
pretends to dance,
but dances only with the chosen.

the families
all wear pink eye-straps,
forgot the mollycoddling in their laps.

and girls,
oh yes, the girls,
sweet are the girls in beijing!
Track Name: Charity, people!
i don't want to stand in line
for bread for a second longer

don't bomb my city,
the city tonight,
don't bomb my city,
the city of scars.

i don't want to stand in line

charity, people,
hold me down
Track Name: She rides the cows
i stand on the highway and weak is the trust in me.
i'm lost in a desert, forgotten in time,
that's not my way of doing things

i'm looking at my treasure, my favourite smile,
come on baby, your path is mine.
come on baby, let's make a sin.
Track Name: Mermaids
we're on a leash - the leash of singing mermaids.
screams are bubbled and lungs are full.

neither dragon spitting fire, nor the snake under desert sun.
desire is poison and lust is disease.

deep in the bowels of them -
queens of the sea and of our future's future.
they're neither dragons nor the snakes!