Our world died yesterday (12"​+​CD)

by Nikki Louder

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  • Released by Moonlee, Radio Student and Cheap Tunes. Comes packed as a 12" vinyl and CD combo.
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released May 3, 2011

Recorded by Gredoc at FVN, mastered at Python Patrol.




Nikki Louder Slovenia

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Track Name: Hypechimp
good evening our beloved children
we serve our latest crop
got powder on his nose and sounds so fresh
your jaws will surely drop

pee arse cabaret
trendy brandy yeah yeah
please notice my shaded eye
and join my online ricochet

come on dance my chimp
look at the apple in my hand
oh how i love the cameras flashing
Track Name: Elephant
I addressed my last wish to Jesus,
but he said I've got it in the past.

On the warm glass there are snowflakes,
they look like elephants when they melt.

Even storms are made for dancing
if you're dancing on your knees.

Painting words and writing colors
i think i'm walking backwards
Track Name: Hips like Elvis
Let's just say I'll kick off the blues
If you put on your blouse

I'll be in pitch black
If you do that

And I see nothing in pitch black
And you don't either

And i wish i had hips like Elvis
But i'm a rusty cage
Track Name: Hipsters
Make beautiful children
Track Name: Oversized Sunglasses
Birthday present
Oversized sunglasses
Beautiful fool
More beautiful people
Track Name: Yo voy
that's no longer a conversation
why are you asking me about personal things
mery yo voy
Track Name: Audrey Horne
i want a puppet
just like audrey horne
Track Name: Attacked
We were standing on the edge of the cliff
Attacked – i assure you
Track Name: Quiet Buzz
We talked with eyes, mosquitoes buzzing around,
bites were on our ankles, gin shots punched us strongly.
Yes, we danced without music and firmly on our chairs.

I wasn’t sleepy at all, really, but our cocoon made me
close my eyes at dawn – the moment you’ve turned
Oh how you shook my peace!
Broken lighthouse shone in our night …

Who clears your skies so your aeroplane flies high?
I mean sugar babe, you've never tasted so sour!

Despite the pale skin of your trembling hands
and bitter breath of moisture in the night
this was our roller coaster - but it looks I’ve fallen down.